Shelley McNulty and Hilary Easter Jones

‘A Room with no view’, Video, 2013.

Your environment can affect your emotions, health and outlook. We all know an office without windows is less productive, more oppressive, less energising. So the interaction between our interior thoughts (our feelings and physicality) can be directly linked to those external spaces. A Room Without A View is a collaborative piece by an Interiorist and a Film Maker that studies such exterior / interior interaction, using a Hospital Room as the focus. The piece at this point aims not to offer solutions, but to pose questions and focus attention on the habitual idiosyncrasies of our everyday environments, to better understand their emotional and physical impact.

Bio:Shelley McNulty is a Manchester based Interiorist and Academic who’s work is concerned with the occupation and experience of space/place. Having cut her teeth as an Interior Designer for large commercial practices in London, Shelley now runs the BA(Hons) Interior Design course at Manchester School of Art and is a partner in local design and architectural practice McNulty Architects.

Bio:Hilary Easter-Jones is a Manchester-based filmmaker who is interested in capturing an emotional response to familiar or unfamiliar surroundings on film. Last year, Hilary was commissioned by The Lowry to make filmed portraits of audience members who she felt had a story to tell. The exhibition now showing at The Lowry Centre Stage: A Portraits of a Lowry Audience is currently on until May 12th.  After a career in making factual and entertainment TV programs, she now produces and makes video for artists, museums, galleries and other creative industries and individuals with her own production company, Wynter Productions.