OWT creative

‘Failure’, 3 Poster Series, 2013.

A series exploring mans’ ongoing quest to fly. Throughout history and mythology there have been many attempts to fly, some more successful than others.

We have documented three of the more bizarre theories explored in the quest to fly.

Alongside text detailing the name of each flying machine and its’ year of inception is a Samuel Beckett quote from his novella Worstward Ho.

Bio: OWT creative is a multidisciplinary design collective based in Manchester. We work through print, web, film, bookbinding, curation, branding and art direction.

We do a lot, but don’t mistake us for a jack of all trades. Starting life as an experiment in publishing with the OWT zine we now pride ourselves on initiating collaborations and challenging the status quo of how an agency should work: constantly working on self-initiated projects and events alongside our conventional client briefs.