Morag Rose

‘Escape walk’

In 2006 I co-founded The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) a Manchester based interdisciplinary psychogeography collective. The LRM embark on derives to decode the palimpsest of the streets, uncover hidden histories and discover the extraordinary in the banal. We aim to nurture a critical awareness of everyday space, (re)engaging with and (re)enchanting the city and you can find us turning the streets into a playground and rewriting the city on the First Sunday of every month.

Bio: My work blurs the boundaries between artist, activist and academic; I like to explore the revolution of everyday life. My research interests include the production of space; civil liberties, surveillance culture and notions of the private/public; vernacular creativity; radical history and walking as cultural practice. I’m currently finishing an Mres in Social and Cultural Geography, when the ink has dried I will be launching the community drone project, a new initiative subverting and reappropriating surveillance technology.