Lewis Sykes

‘The Whitney Modality’, interactive installation.2013.

The Whitney Modality is a digital artwork that creates an immersive personal user experience - an inventive form of multi-sensory escapism. The viewer sits on a bean bag, dons a pair of high definition video goggles and holds a small acrylic sphere embedded with a high power audio transducer. This combination of devices fills their field of vision with hand-coded, real-time, dynamic animations, their ears with a minimalist, electronic soundscape and their touch with low frequency vibrations - carefully blended together to create a multi-modal sensory experience.

Bio: Lewis Sykes is a veteran bass player of the underground dub-dance scene of the 90s. He performed and recorded with Emperor Sly, Original Hi-Fi and Radical Dance Faction and was a partner in Zip Dog Records. He honed an interest in mixed media through an MA in Hypermedia Studies at the University of Westminster in 2000 and continued to fuse music, visuals and technology through a series of creative collaborations – most notably as musician and performer with the progressive audiovisual collective The Sancho Plan (2005-2008) and most recently as one half of Monomatic – exploring sound and interaction through physical works that investigate rich musical traditions. Director of Cybersonica – an annual celebration of music, sound art and technology (2002-2011), Sykes was also Coordinator of the independent digital arts agency Cybersalon (2002-2007), founding artists-in-residence at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre. He is in the third year of a Practice as Research PhD at MIRIAD, Manchester Met, exploring the aesthetics of sound and vibration.