‘Liminal Ladder’, Object, 2013.

Through encountering the escape artefact the mind investigates the threshold between the mythical and the real. This spatial illustration invests a narrative into the quality of the environment in which it resides. Liminal Ladder explores a relationship between mental and physical space, creating a mythical geography that connects and hovers between worlds. In the absence of books or instruction the escape artefact becomes a way to comprehend that which is in our ‘minds eye’, creating our own psychological sense of position and scale within an environment.

Bio:Graphicobject is a multidisciplinary design practice based in Manchester. Established by Emma Hayward and Fabrizio Cocchiarella in London after graduating from The Royal College of Art. Working as a studio they apply creative interpretation and artistic direction to a diverse range of briefs. Developing visual concepts in the form of illustrative spatial installations, editorial image making and styling, furniture, prop and fashion artefact. Studio projects aim to explore ‘spatial image’ through translating concepts in a way that graphic becomes a spatial phenomenon. Through working with objects and space the aim is to translate narrative and detail to design meaningful interventions and images. Through looking at spatial sensibility as an inspiration experienced through the senses, and by creating a graphic environment that converses with the imagination, projects aim to construct space as defining sensations and render them vivid.