Dave Lynch

‘Project Nimbus’, Objects and Video, 2013.

After over a hundred years of being captured by the lens of Edward Muybridge on a race track in California, The Horse in Motion was released to once again clear ground in 2008 by Dave Lynch using a data projector mounted inside a moving vehicle.  In 1879, a descendant of the data projector, the zoopraxniscope was designed by Muybridge to project a 14-frame looped photographic animation of the horse in motion, which toured theatres worldwide. In 2013, a zoopraxniscope, re-purposed using modern technology, is being used as practice-based research in the projection of moving images onto clouds from an aircraft. The exhibition will see the current point of exploration in the fields of technical/ cultural conversations, object/ aircraft research and design, and how the right idea with a simple impetus can organically evolve and grow.

Bio: Dave is an artist, director and inventor living in Leeds, UK. He has been working with interactive, time-based visual art in public, private & virtual spaces since 1999. He has produced installations in the once largest room in the world, a 20-storey cylindrical building and a 90m high quarry. His inventions use ubiquitous technologies to make devices and interventions for social change, often incorporating old film and projection techniques, equipment and methods updated with new technology. His work is projected from moving vehicles, onto buildings and has been on the BBC, WIRED.co.uk and in The New York Times.